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      Are you drawn to meaningful, artsy and eclectic statement accessories? 

      Does your wild heart skip a beat when you see something colorful and quirky?

      If you revel in uniqueness you are going to love FREE SPIRIT COLLAGE.

      My name is Nell and I am a mixed-media collage artist. My intention is to make your journey through this wondrous life even more magical by radiating positive energy, spreading feelings of peace, love, joy and boundless possibilities through enchanting design.

      I specialize in expressive fashion and home accessories. I also have a shop on Etsy where I offer a mishmash of fanciful things. 

      Artful juxtapositions, mystical concepts, blingy embellishments and everything from tattered denim to vintage papers get to be in the design mix. I include all kinds of materials in my work. I have even been known to add little surprises here and there; inspiring text, hand-stitching, paper, odd objects, paint, et cetera.

      Oh, and guess what else? Every item is ONE-OF-ONE.

       FREE SPIRIT COLLAGE embraces three distinct styles:


      This style encompasses a rustic yet soft, romantic vibe meant to invoke a serene spirit. I call it wabi-shabby chic -- a wabi-sabi and shabby chic combo. 



       Bold colors and inspiring text give you a sense of refreshing renewal, empowerment and infinite potential.



      This collection is all about having fun with life! Pictorial patchwork with a quirky flavor. It's a fun style filled with playfulness and joy.



      My handcrafting adventure began years ago when I was twelve years old in the Bronx, New York when my Grandma Bessie, who was a gifted seamstress, introduced me to sewing. Her beautiful black and gold antique Singer sewing machine fascinated me and she patiently taught me how to measure, cut and stitch using all kinds of fabric. I fell in love with natural fibers. She also taught me how to crochet and embroider. Grandma not only instilled within my young psyche an adoration for making things, she also made sure I realized the importance of being good person.

      I wanted to expand my crafting horizons so I began a challenging, yet enchanting self-taught journey into learning mixed-media art, jewelry making and graphic design. A long-standing affection for fabric, a passion for collage and an obsession with color, form and textural imperfections coupled with a curiosity for all types of media, produces my overall design style. 

      My smoke free home studio is located on the beautiful South Shore of Long Island in the state of New York.

      Be free! Enjoy life!

      If you need to contact me for anything concerning the site, your purchase, etc. please don't hesitate to reach out


      The machine above looks just like Grandma's! ❤︎